If you're looking for something a little different for a group of family, friends or colleagues, we have just the thing for you! Foraging with Monica Wilde or Bushcraft with Johnny Walshe both offer a fantastic and unique opportunity to explore our private island paradise while also learning excellent new skills and knowledge to take home with you. You can also arrange a Lambay Conservation Trip to help protect our wonderful nature reserve.

Monica Wilde | A Taste of Lambay


Monica has put together a wonderful day trip for groups of up to 12 people to truly immerse themselves in the magic and natural beauty of Lambay.

The day includes a guided walk with Monica through the island's gardens and woodlands, during which you will gather and learn about natural ingredients with health benefits, followed by the opportunity to cook up a delicious meal in the Castle with what you have foraged.

Monica also runs weekend retreats on Lambay for those interested to learn more about how to eat healthily from the land in a safe and sustainable way.

Johnny Walshe | Lambay Bushcraft Challenge

Johnny has created a bushcraft challenge specifically for Lambay. Ideal for groups of 8-10 people, Johnny makes use of the natural island resources to offer a day of learning, skills development and teamwork that can be tailored to suit your needs - whether you are a family or a group of friends looking for an interesting and unique day out, or colleagues looking to improve team-skills.

Learn how to make a fire without matches, build a shelter, trap animals for food and survive in the wild, all the while learning how to improve on your strengths within a group dynamic.

Lambay Conservation Activities

If you just want a day out and the chance to get stuck into some outdoors work, e are always happy to facilitate a group looking to volunteer in helping us maintain and preserve Lambay as a unique and beautiful sanctuary for its birdlife, wildlife and historical heritage. Organised activities can include:

Beach Clearing - vast quantities of plastic wash up on our coastline each year, which we try to keep clear for the seals, particularly during pupping season. This is a great activity for school trips or team-building - we can even make it competitive!

Fence mending - this protects the wallabies, deer and birdlife who have free run of the island outside of the farming fields. Well suited to conservationists and groups learning about agriculture.

Gardening - the ancient Lutyens and Jekyll Gardens are managed by our dedicated but small team of staff, however there is never enough man power to keep the weeds at bay and the original plantings often disappear among the imposters. Additional green fingers are always welcome! Lunch and refreshments provided.

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