The Baring family offers a limited number of private tours each year, at a set fee for groups of up to 12 people. These can be booked privately or through a club/society (e.g. the Irish Georgian Society or Royal Dublin Society) or a company. If you would like to book a tour, please make an enquiry using our booking form below.


Tours last two hours and are led by a member of the Baring family or a trusted friend of Lambay who has a personal and in-depth knowledge of the island's history and architecture. The tour encompasses the work done by Lutyens to transform Lambay into the architectural paradise it is today, with personal anecdotes from your guide.

Boat transfers between Malahide and Lambay are organised and included as part of the tour package. Boat timings are tide dependent and the sea crossing takes approximately 20 minutes.

Tours may be followed by lunch, afternoon tea or drinks and canapés on the island. For more information please select your preferred option in the enquiry form below.


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