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Lottie Brook



Lottie is a private chef specialising in delicious, healthy and seasonal food, creatively presented and lovingly prepared. Where possible she always uses organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, with an emphasis on fruit and vegetables that are grown naturally according to the seasons.

She also has an incredible talent for making healthy versions of naughty delicious things - cakes, muffins and brownies to suit the trickiest of diets (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo, etc), with all the deliciousness of the naughty versions and filled with nutritional goodness!

Lottie Brook Lambay Private Chef


Known fondly by the islanders as Our Singing Chef, Lottie co-hosts exclusive and carefully curated networking weekends on the private island of Lambay near Dublin, Ireland. Offering guests not just her mouthwatering culinary talents but also her incredible ability to recreate a home-from-home atmosphere that is impossible to resist. That is... assuming your home also has an all-singing, all-dancing comedienne de la cuisine!


Stay tuned for Lottie's island cook book. Inspired by off-grid island living, Lottie is always concocting new and delicious recipes that make use of the natural ingredients that can be found growing on Lambay.



If you don't have a private event that requires a chef, but find yourself hankering after Lottie's delicious food (or if you just miss her, which you will once you've met her), you can pop along solo or with friends to one of her Lavender & Honey Supper Clubs in London.

She occasionally teams up with Jamie Collins (The Wine Beagle) to create delicious evenings of expertly paired wine and food. This is a rare opportunity to sample some of Europe's hidden wine gems, personally discovered by Jamie and only available in the UK thanks to his independent importing business. If you like the wines, you can then purchase them directly from him with a special Lottie discount!

Lottie and Jamie are available for private hire either at your house, on Lambay or Lottie can suggest a London venue.



+44 7525 218 144

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