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Lambay Estate Company
Principles, Island Rules and Terms & Conditions of Rental

Lambay Principles

When planning a visit Lambay Island, you agree to uphold the Lambay Principles.  The most important of these are:

  • responsible behaviour towards nature and the environment

  • care towards the antique Lutyens furniture, fittings and architecture as well as all household items

  • respect for island residents and other guests of the island

  • honesty and obedience towards all rules and guidances relating to safety, out-of-bounds areas and our island recycling and waste protocols

Please also note that when in company on Lambay, the Chatham House Rule applies and phones are discouraged at the dining table or in public social areas after 6:30pm.

Island Rules

Along with the standard LEC Terms & Conditions of Rental (as laid out on this page), the following Island Rules must be read and adhered to when visiting Lambay, whether for a day trip or an overnight stay:

  • Never board a transfer to or from Lambay in an intoxicated state
  • Be wary and respectful of livestock, in particular BULLS, on the island

  • Conserve water where possible (sourced from our own natural spring)

  • Beware of crumbly cliffs and strong tides - seek advice before swimming

  • Remove outdoor shoes when inside the Castle, Whitehouse or Cottages

  • Refrain from posting any photographs or videos of people or buildings online for public view (interior photography is strictly prohibited)

  • Always take your mobile phone when out walking, and inform someone if you intend to go walking alone

  • Be careful with sewage waste - flush nothing but organic matter and loo roll; sanitary bags and bins are provided

  • Do not smoke inside; smoking pots are provided outdoors near buildings

  • Recycle clean rubbish where possible using our labelled recycling systems - if unsure, ask a member of staff

  • Beware of falling branches in wooded areas during high winds

  • Stay well away from Danger Zones including the farm buildings and the two derelict hill cottages (please also refrain from taking photos of these areas)

  • Do not handle open fires (in the Whitehouse and Castle) - these must be managed by island staff

  • Respect the privacy of other guests and residents on the island; in particular do not take any unsolicited photographs of the island guests or staff without their permission

  • In an emergency, do not call 999 or 112 - contact a resident or member of Lambay staff immediately

LEC Terms & Conditions of Rental


1. The Contract

The Contract (this agreement) is between the Hirer (person making and paying for the booking) and LEC (Lambay Estate Company).  By placing a booking with LEC, the Hirer undertakes that he or she is over 18 years of age and that, except for prior and written agreement from LEC, all members of the Party (any individuals accompanying the Hirer during their stay on Lambay) shall be at least 8 years of age at the start of the Rental Period (the time interval between the arrival date and departure date of the Hirer).


Further, the Hirer undertakes that both the Hirer and the Party will comply fully with any obligations, conditions or responsibilities set out in this Contract as being their responsibility, including awareness and compliance with all health and safety policies and procedures.


In return and upon payment of all sums due, the Hirer shall have the right to occupy and use the Property (the building(s) situated on Lambay Island and booked for use by the Hirer) for the Rental Period, subject to Clause 14 of these Terms and Conditions.


2. Availability

This Contract is made on the understanding that the requested Property(s), as described on the website will be available for the Rental Period.  In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, LEC reserves the right to cancel the booking.  In this circumstance, all monies paid to LEC by the Hirer will be refunded, and the Hirer shall have no further claim against LEC.


3. Sleeping Capacity

The maximum number of persons who can be accommodated in the Whitehouse is twelve (12) and in No.6 Cottage is six (6).  Additional persons may be accommodated in the Whitehouse if formally agreed with LEC in advance and subject to additional boat and accommodation charges.  The maximum number of persons who can be accommodated for a Whole Island Rental is forty (40).


4. Pets

Regrettably, pets are not permitted.


5. Bookings

Bookings are subject to availability and a request to book may be refused by LEC without a stated reason.  If accepted, the booking is confirmed upon receipt by LEC of the required information and the deposit from the Hirer.  This deposit is non-refundable except if the booking cannot be confirmed by LEC.


In very limited circumstances, typically when assembling large groups, LEC may accept a request for a provisional booking for a limited period agreed between LEC and the Hirer.  Unless LEC have received all the requested information and deposit from the Hirer by the end of the agreed period, the provisional booking will be cancelled.


6. Payments

Once a confirmed booking has been made and the required deposit has been paid to LEC, the balance of the booking cost is due and payment must be received no later than six weeks (four weeks for Cottage-only bookings) before the start of the Rental Period.  If the booking is being made within six weeks of the start of the intended Rental Period, it cannot be confirmed until payment for the full cost of the booking has been made.


If the full cost of the booking has not been paid by the due date specified above, LEC reserves the right to cancel the Hirer’s booking and retain any payments already made by the Hirer.


7. Energy Supplies

Electricity, hot water and heating fuel is included in the rental charge.  Electricity is provided subject to availability due to energy constraints.  Please be aware that Lambay is entirely off-grid, with no attachment to power sources from the mainland.


The Hirer is required to seek prior approval to use any personal electrical equipment if they are unsure as to what electrical items can be used during their stay.  Some further guidance is provided in our Prepare for Lambay brochure - available on request.


8. Personal Belongings

Baggage and personal belongings are at the Hirer’s risk at all times.  No responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.


9. Liability for Further Charges

At the end of the Rental Period, the Property must be left in the same state of repair, order and cleanliness it was in at the start of the Rental Period.  If LEC considers this not to be the case, then the Hirer will be required to pay the costs of making good any deficiency, such as additional cleaning or replacements for breakages.


Major breakages should be reported to LEC immediately and minor damage should be noted at the termination of the Rental Period.


10. Access

LEC shall be allowed access to the Property at any reasonable time during the Rental Period for the purpose of inspection or repair.


11. Health and Safety

The Hirer is responsible for the safety of the Party during the Rental Period.  Health and Safety guidelines are available in a handbook located in the Property, setting out the major hazards involved in island life and information on emergency evacuation.  However, the Hirer and members of the Party must accept responsibility in full and take all appropriate steps, including appropriate medical insurance, to ensure their personal safety and wellbeing at all times during the Rental Period.

The Hirer is responsible for informing us of any specific details for your group at the time of placing a booking, including:

  • any members of your group under 18 (you must specify their name and age) - if under 8 years old, you must confirm with us in advance;

  • any health issues / allergies it would be useful for us to know about, in case of an emergency on the island.


12. Cancellation and Travel Insurance

If the Hirer wishes to cancel their booking for any reason, he or she must advise LEC immediately.  If cancellation takes place prior to six weeks from the start of the Rental Period, LEC reserves the right to retain the deposit, or return a percentage of the deposit at its discretion.  Any balance paid will be refunded.

In the event that cancellation occurs less than six weeks prior to the start of the Rental Period, then the full balance will be retained.  Again LEC reserves the right to refund a percentage or the full amount in the event that a replacement booking fills the dates in question.  LEC recommends that the Hirer obtains insurance cover to protect against this eventuality.

In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable due to unforeseen events, LEC reserves the right to cancel the booking.  In this circumstance, all monies paid to LEC by the Hirer will be refunded, and the Hirer shall have no further claim against LEC.


13. Transfer Delays

In the event that transfers to the island are delayed due to inclement weather, a 50% refund of the nightly rate will be provided by LEC if requested by the Hirer.  Delayed departures from the island for the same reason will not incur additional charges or refunds.

In the unlikely event that the entire booking must be cancelled due to inclement weather and cancelled boat transfers, LEC will offer a full refund to the Hirer, less any non-refundable expenses that have already been incurred in connection with the booking (e.g. purchased food/beverage, chef or staff travel or deposits).


14. Early Termination

Changes in circumstances may arise where the Hirer or a member of the Party needs to depart from Lambay before the end of the Rental Period.  In addition, LEC reserves the absolute right to require the Hirer or one or more of the Party to leave Lambay at the earliest possible time in the event of unacceptable behaviour or a material breach of the conditions of this Contract.


In all circumstances of early termination, no refund of accommodation or other charges will be entertained for any “unspent” portion of the Rental Period.  The transfer off the island will take place using the earliest means available but the Hirer will be liable for any costs incurred by the transfer unless the scheduled service is used.


15. Complaints Procedure

If you have any cause for complaint during your stay on Lambay, please notify the island staff, who will make all reasonable efforts to assist and resolve the issue.  LEC will not make any refund or recompense in respect of a complaint if the complaint was not made known during the Rental Period.


16. Data Protection and Privacy

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, all information concerning this booking will not be disclosed to any third party except for transport providers and any ancillary services in connection with the booking.  Disclosure requests in accordance with the terms of the Act should be sent either to the Lambay Estate Office or via email to and will incur a charge of €10 for any disclosure.

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