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Lambay Tours & Day Trip Packages


Please note the island is closed to visitors in the Winter months.

Day trips to Lambay can be arranged on a private group basis only, and there are set fees for groups of up to six or 12 guests.  Unfortunately we cannot cater to enquiries for individuals looking to join an existing tour, but you are welcome contact Eamon McGrattan for individual spots on his Nature Walking Tours.

Boat transfers between Malahide and Lambay are organised by Lambay and included as part of the day trip package.  Boat timings are tide dependent and the open sea crossing takes approximately 25 minutes.

Historical Architecture Tour

Set fee for groups of <12

starting from €1,320

Enjoy a two-hour private tour of the famous Lutyens architecture on Lambay, led by a resident family member or close friend of the island.


The private tour encompasses the work conceived by renowned architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, and patrons Cecil & Maude Baring, between 1908 and 1933 which transformed Lambay into the architectural paradise it is today.


Discover Lambay Castle (exterior and interior of the C15th Old Fort), the family Mausoleum, the Bothy, Coastguard Cottages and Whitehouse (exterior), the C18th Chapel and the Real Tennis Court, with personal anecdotes from your guide.


Nature Walking Tour


Set fee for groups of <6 or <12

€780 / €1,320

For nature lovers, this is a perfect opportunity to explore the wilder parts of Lambay and, if you are lucky, see some of the island's incredible wildlife in its natural habitat.  Seals, deer, wallabies and puffins to name but a few.

Enjoy a jolly sail over in the Naomi Leigh with our local living legend, Eamon McGrattan.  Eamon will then guide you on a 3-hour walk of the island including the Real Tennis Court and Chapel, past the Walled Garden and up through the wilder parts of the island to where the unfortunate RMS Tayleur met an early demise in 1854.  Light refreshments on the harbour and time for a dip in the sea completes the day.


Bespoke Day Trips


Enquire for Pricing

suitable for private or corporate groups

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience to share with your work team or family and friends, we can arrange a bespoke trip to Lambay tailored to your specific needs.

Lambay can provide everything from meeting spaces and high-speed wi-fi to team-building, personal development and connection workshops designed and led by some of Ireland's most established facilitators.

A tour of the historical architecture or a guided nature walk can be arranged as part of your visit, as well as delicious fresh food and refreshments to suit your requirements.


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