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an island hamlet designed by Ned Lutyens
a 15th Century castle, a stunning guesthouse by the sea, a quaint coastguard cottage,
private indoor event spaces, warm and personal hosting from the island team,
evening drinks, open fires, stunning gardens and views, long walks, hot baths


The Whitehouse (1933)

The Whitehouse is the island guest house, built for Cecil and Maude's two daughters, Daphne and Calypso, who between them had ten children.  Recent renovations have allowed for additional bathrooms and the installation of off-grid central heating and hot water.

The house sprawls generously across the ground floor and there are eight guest bedrooms and six bathrooms, four of which en suite and two of which are shared one between two bedrooms.  A further two bedrooms and one bathroom are upstairs, reserved for catering and support staff.  There are three large living/dining areas, one with an open fireplace, a large kitchen with an adjoining commercially fitted kitchen and two miniature kitchens in the wings.  Maximum capacity is 12-16 guests.

Lambay Castle: Old Fort (C15th) & Lutyens Wing (1910)

Lambay Castle is available to hire only a limited number of times per year and as part of a whole island rental.  The Old Fort is 15/16th Century and the Lutyens Wing was added in 1910.  All furnishing and fittings are the originals chosen or designed by Edwin Lutyens himself; the collections and artwork are those collected by Cecil and Maude Baring and added to by their son, Rupert Revelstoke over the years.

There are nine guest bedrooms - four doubles and five singles - and a self-contained flat within the Lutyens wing with a further two bedrooms, although this is reserved for the resident Baring family.  Bathrooms are luxurious and beautifully appointed but generally shared between two bedrooms or more.  Maximum capacity is 12 guests.

O'Connells Cottage (C18th)

O'Connell's Cottage stands adjacent to the Whitehouse and forms the end of the row of 18th Century coastguard cottages on Lambay.  Made up of two cottages put together, O'Connell's was renovated by Lutyens in the early 20th Century and was home to the island estate manager and his large family.  Today his daughter Eithne, who grew up on Lambay, still visits us.

The Cottage is rustic but pleasant and spacious; a typical seaside cottage.  It has three bedrooms sharing one large family bathroom, a kitchen, dining room and sitting room.  There is a little private courtyard at the back and wooden garden furniture available for use.  The perfect place for a family or intimate group of friends to get away and enjoy the unspoiled tranquility of the island and its wildlife.  Maximum capacity is six guests.

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